Try Scuba

Welcome to explore the underwater world! The Intro Dive – Try Scuba program is an excellent way to take your first steps in diving. It consists of several parts and serves as a diving course, ensuring a safe and standardized training process.

If you decide to participate in the Try Scuba program, allocate approximately 3 hours. During this time, the following stages will be covered:

  1. Documentation and paperwork:
    • All training sessions  directly supervised by the instructor, the Diving Center, and the Diving Federation.
    • Necessary formalities include a medical interview and providing relevant information for diving insurance.
    • Every diver entering the water must have additional diving insurance related to this sport. This process takes only a few minutes.
  2. Theoretical lecture:
    • The instructor will discuss the human body’s response to the environment under increased ambient pressure.
    • You’ll learn about the effects on the body and the gases you breathe underwater.
    • Topics related to diving medicine and physics will be covered.
    • Safety principles will be explained.
    • You’ll acquire basic underwater signs for communication with the instructor.
    • The lecture is presented in an accessible manner, not too lengthy or tiresome, and can be adjusted to participants of various ages, including children.
    • This knowledge is essential for ensuring that subsequent water activities are not only enjoyable but also safe. The instructor will also address any questions you may have. This marks the beginning of a fascinating journey into the underwater world!
  3. Equipment overview and familiarization:
    • Now, let’s focus on the diving gear you’ll wear during water sessions.
    • The instructor will thoroughly explain all equipment components, their structure, and how they function.
    • Together, you’ll adjust the appropriate gear.
    • You’ll independently put on your first scuba gear on your back with a little assistance and be ready to submerge in the water.
  4. Water Exercises – This is a crucial part of the Intro Dive program:
    • Initially, you’ll become accustomed to being underwater and breathing using the scuba regulator. We’ll conduct several simple exercises to help you feel comfortable beneath the water’s surface.
    • You’ll become familiar with your equipment and learn basic scuba signs for communication with the instructor.
    • All of this takes place in the shallow part of the bay, with pool-like conditions. If you ever feel uncomfortable, you can always stand up and raise your head above the surface.
    • Only after mastering these exercises confidently we will venture deeper to experience true diving.
  5. Actual Diving:
    • This is the moment when you’ll spend approximately 45 minutes freely diving alongside the instructor.
    • You’ll have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the underwater world and meet its inhabitants.
    • During this part, we’ll also capture some memorable photos.
    • It’s a unique chance to feel at ease underwater and explore this fascinating realm. As part of this extraordinary adventure, you’ll receive a complimentary film or photos—precious mementos. Feel free to share them with friends; not everyone has had the opportunity to see what lies beneath the water for more than a few seconds.
    • We hope this adventure inspires your interest in diving. It’s our greatest passion, and we aim to infect everyone with it. We look forward to welcoming you into our community and certifying you as an independent diver through the full basic training—Open Water Diver—allowing you to admire the hidden treasures of our planet’s underwater wonders across the globe, without direct instructor supervision.